CoMPaNY oUTiNG ’05

26 04 2005

The venue for our company outing for this year was Rosegold Resort at
Calatagan, Batangas. After traveling for more than three hours from


(we left around
545am, supposedly 430am, and got there a little after 9AM), I expected more
from the resort.

But no… The place looked great from the outside. Nice landscape, the
cottages off the shore looked really inviting and the pool was ok. What got
most of us down though was the beach. How can you expect anyone to go swimming
with that water level? After walking over 100meters off the shore, the water
was barely touching my knee caps. Even the kids couldn’t go swimming there.

The activities weren’t that great either. I was partly to blame because I
forgot to bring balls for the dodge ball game but most of the blame again goes
to the journey time that we had to take. By the time we got to there, the sun
was too hot and nobody really had enough energy to play around. We didn’t even
finish the Extra-Challenge games.

Ahhh… lunch time! Again, disappointment. Compared to last year, the
servings were larger but the quality was way down. Of course, we didn’t really
have much of a choice so we just ate anyway. Thank goodness for the Outing
Committee who brought enough junk food and tuna-egg sandwiches to fill our

Ok, ok.. enough about my rants. There must be something worthwhile about the

Maestro, senti music please! 🙂 This sounds really mushy and cheesy but
having Alaine with me really did make a world of difference. At least we were
able to have some quality time together. Walking along the shoreline, bugging
each other, playing with my officemate’s daughter or just talking to each
other. End music!!! 🙂




One response

12 05 2005
Aine - Yan

Ilove you sooooooo much!
Thank you din sayo kasi nag enjoy ako kasama ang mga officemates mo.

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