CoACHiNG 101

3 05 2005

I would sometimes take over during the absence of our coach and so I thought that coaching was easy. All you had to do was show up for the game and make adjustments along the way. Boy was I wrong…

For the first time in my basketball career, I was tasked to be the head coach of a team. Sure, it’s just a summer league in our division but if you know how intense and heated the games are there, you wouldn’t think of this as a small feat.

For one, gone where the days when I would come to the game and depend on luck and quick decision-making without a proper game plan. I had to come up with schemes and drills to get everyone physically ready for the games. I had to get the players to understand the set plays. I had to prepare them to take the proper shots.

But this was the easy part… The hard part was the mental preparation. To be able to withstand the pressure and the jeering crowds. To calm though even if your 20-point lead is suddenly down to two. To know the right pass, the right shot at the right time.

Did I succeed in imparting this knowledge to them? I’m sure it wasn’t all about me, but heck, it’s only fair that I take some credit for there 10-0 run to the championship.

Congratulations again, ENEMA!!!




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