Article 166 of the Revised Penal Code

15 06 2005

I’m sure people would be wondering why is a blog on Article 166 of the Revised Penal Code under the category of sports. This was exactly how I felt when I received a letter from a parent threatening to sue me for the "physical injuries" which his son sustained during a semi-finals game at our subdivisions basketball league.

The incident occurred during the early stages of the fourth and final quarter of that game. I don’t want to get into the details anymore but the point is that his son, who happened to be an former teammate of mine, was the one called for a blocking foul. So in fact, he was the one who initiated the contact and now they are suing me? Where’s the justice in that?

Again, I don’t want to get into the details of the incident as these maybe used should they really pursue a case against me. I simply want to blog about this because I want to get this out of my system. This has been a very stressful incident not just for myself but more so for my mom. She has always been concerned about my safety and this event did not help in appeasing her. She fears that the opposing teams’ fans would get back at me or something.

In fact, she is now looking at the possibility of moving away from the subdivision and into a condominium somewhere in Makati. Aaargh, this totally sucks. I mean, moving to Makati does have its advantages but the hassle that I have to go through because of this is definitely not worth it. Hmm…. I guess I better take up chess to avoid these incidents in the future.




One response

17 07 2005

ahm… i remembered back when i was in high school, i was trapped in PE classes with my classmates who were varsity in basketball. And being one of those who were never serious about the game i always got hurt when i was asked to defend these godly players. one time i recieved an elbow to the face. Hence i made reklamo.

my classmate told me, “kung ayaw mo masaktan matuto ka magchess”.

i’m simply pointing out that basketball is actually a contact sport, so nde talga maiiwasan ang ganyan. plus, if u got the talent for it, it’s not u who should stay away from it. it’s those people who call out foul when there actually isn’t any who, in my opnion, must quit.

yun lng pow… peace

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