Metro Manila Leaders Conference @ Subic

3 08 2005

Whew… that was one hot MMLC. Not that kind of hot… Geez, this is SFC we’re talking about here. I mean, it was really hot. The sun was scorching hot. Thank goodness our basketball game was played indoors. Our volleyball team was not so lucky though as they had to play at the parking lot-turned-volleball court.

Despite our disheartening loss in the basketball tournament, a 3-point shot at the end of the overtime period that erased our 2-point lead, the three-day event still left some real fond memories for me. Personally, it was nice to spend such an activity with my G.G. After years of attending such conferences, way back in YFC, it was the first time that I had a G.G. It doesn’t really make the teachings more profound or anything like that but it’s just great to be walking around a strange place while holding hands and bugging each other… Ok fine, so I’m a hopeless romantic. There’s nothin’ wrong with that.

The teachings were good, though not as good as the first MMLC I attended (which was also in Olangapo City). Medjo sabog kasi yung mga topics nila eh. May napulot naman akong mga lessons pero somehow, feeling ko kulang. Also, I personally feel that the venue was not suitable for the event. Medjo mainit at times kaya ang hirap mag-concentrate.

All in all, I enjoyed the MMLC and I can’t wait to go to Baguio this coming Feb. Hmm… I’m just confused if that’ll be the ILC or yet another MMLC. Not that I really care, I’m sure the lessons I get their, plus the bonding, will be worth it.




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7 08 2005
Aine 'n Yan

talaga lang ha! nag enjoy ka lang yatang matulog eh =) so guys, nababasa nyo na talagang mahal na mahal ako ni yan.

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