16 08 2005

It’s been two and a half weeks since we moved to


and I must say
it’s been both gooooood and baaaad…

Good because I am so close to work that I have a lot of time to spare. I wake
up an hour later and I have more time to rest after work (supposedly) since I
spend less time traveling to Cainta. I get to spend more time with the family
too… Well, the place is smaller (compared to our house before) that you
really don’t have much space to yourself anyway. Also, I don’t know anybody in
the neighbourhood so I don’t spend as much time outdoors as I did back in our
subdivision. In fact, the only times I’d go out would be to go to work, to see my girlfriend or to buy something at the convenient store.

Hmm… Now for the bad! Bad because it is really affecting my relationship with my girlfriend. It’s really hard for us since we’ve been really used to spending most
of our time together. Now, we have to be content with me taking her to the
shuttle station during weeknights. Darn it! This is so difficult… And now, a
lot of problems are creeping up on us and I am afraid that we might not be able
to overcome it.

I really hope and pray that we’ll get over this major hump in our relationship,
but in case we don’t… Well, I’ll just leave it at that for now.




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