Tardiness and Hairdressers

9 12 2005

The title might seem unrelated but wait till I tell you my story for today and you will understand.

Alaine and I were soooooo excited about today. It was the wedding day of her household head to my household head (and basketball teammate). Cool! What’s even great was that we were both secondary sponsors. She had her gown adjusted to have that perfect fit while I searched hard for that only barong that could fit me (Yes, yes.. I shouldn’t have gained back those pounds!).

I woke up early. Prepared all my things. Barong in the jacket sleeve to make sure that it’s protective I left my place early. Shoes all shiny. Underw… Ok, too much information there. Hehehe.. Anyway, I had to take the cab since the groom requested me to bring my laptop for the movie presentation. It was a pretty, quick trip which was good since I needed to take a nap at Alaine’s place anyway.

In fact, I got to Alaine’s place so early that she decided to give me a foot spa. Poor girl, I couldn’t believe she lasted that ordeal and still loves me afterwards 🙂 Then I was off to Sleepyland… Back to reality to eat lunch. Figure it was still early since the the wedding will be at 4pm so went off to Sleepyland again (No wonder I gained back all those pounds, huh!)…

I asked Alaine what time the hairdresser will arrive and she said that the original plan was that they will start the session at 1pm. However, the hairdresser moved it to 2pm. So she waited while I rested (slept). 2pm came and went… No hairdresser. We text her. 230pm. Still no reply. 3pm. We started to panic. 315pm. The hairdresser called. She couldn’t find Alaine’s place so she went home…

WHAT THE HECK!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! I wanted to run to her place and rip her freakin’ head off… How could she be so irresponsible? Insensitive? She knew this was a wedding… AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Alaine freaked out… She had to do her make-up by herself now. We called a cab but by then, it was simply too late. We couldn’t get to the church in time. It was a good thing that some of our friends were able to sit in for us so the ceremony wasn’t ruined. It was a good thing that the bride and groom were pre-occupied with other stuffs and were not hurt by the incident (I hope!). Else, I would have stuck to my original plan and ripped off that hairdresser’s head…

You might be wondering why we didn’t panic earlier… I guess it was just one of those times were you were so confident about the good in people. She wouldn’t stand me up. I’m sure she’ll come. I’m sure there’s a good reason…

Well, one single incident will not change my mind about the entire human population.. but it has given me yet another lesson. Actually, reminded me of a lesson I’ve learned before. Always have a Plan B and a Plan C…

To the newly weds, we’re truly sorry for what happened. We hope that this little incident will not dent the beautiful friendship that we have shared through the years…

God bless you both.




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