Team Leader for the Christian Life Program

9 01 2006

Man, this is going to be a daunting task. I know I’ll have the best people around me who will provide all the support that I need but still I am scared. I am into so many things and I am scared that I might just be spreading myself too thinly… No thin jokes, people.

I was reflecting the other day… Had I been too pre-mature with my decision last December? Am I really called to do this? Somehow, I felt God tell me that it was. He has blessed me with so many things (a wonderful GG (God’s Gift), great opportunities in my career, being part of two wonderful communities in Singles For Christ and MS Club, and so much more) and it’s just right that I give back to him.

And this should be the perfect timing. Soon, I will be moving to the corporate world and I’m pretty sure my schedule will never be the same again. Oh boy! That is worth another entry into my blog.




One response

10 01 2006

Ryan, TA here! I just stumbled upon your blog while visiting the other Ryan’s blog (Yogi). Anyway, just dropping a line to say Good Luck Bro!

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