The First Post..

28 02 2006

Friendster is banned at my new office, so I decided to open up a new blog account instead. I have never been a regular poster though but lately, I have had so many thoughts and ideas and I simply need a venue where I can let them all out.

What will be the major issues I will tackle here? Actually, just about anything that comes to my mind. After all, this is my blog. There will be times that I will write about some love problems that a friend has or maybe discuss a sporting event. I might decide to make fun of someone and blog about it here. Actually, I am playing a practical joke on someone as of this writing but I will leave out the details for my next posts. Besides, I’m not yet done with the practical joke.. I could also become serious and start discussing some political issues or talk about my work.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now. If you have comments, feel free to write them down. I will try my best to accept all of them including the criticisms. Of course, I might have to censor some of them in case my nephews and nieces surf through my blog by mistake.




One response

1 03 2006
Rey Mendoza

nice, na-customize mo na yata ito a. welcome to blogger, mas user friendly ito than others.–>

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