Despidida Video

6 03 2006

I was feeling a little melancholic last week so I decided to go through the video that my former officemates made for me (the picture was the intro of the video). I just realized that I missed a lot of the messages that they gave me. I guess during that moment, my mind was wandering about the uncertainties of the future that I did not bother on the words but simply enjoyed the feeling that they actually time out to prepare a video for me.

It was the first time that they did this for a colleague who resigned, though this is probably because the technology and the gadgets were not available before. Still, it’s heart-warming to know that people do care..

By the way, here’s one message that really touched and inspired me:
“pero alam mo, hindi ikaw yung typical atenean na nai-stereotype ng karamihan ng mga tagaritong lasalista.. I guess much of it came from your involvement in SFC, sana dumating rin yung araw na mag-shift ka to Couples For Christ.”

Forget the part about being CFC. Let’s just talk about what he said about how being part of my community helped me become a better person. What made it more surprising was that it came from one of the supervisors who hardly talked about these things with me. It just feels good..




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