Speaker @ PLM

6 03 2006

This is long overdue since the event took place more than two months ago. To be exact, it was held last Nov 24, 2005 at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa.

Originally, they had asked my co-speaker, Mr. Rey Mendoza, to talk about Web Usability since this was his field of expertise. Prior to this, he already had speaking engagements at other institutions like University of the Philippines and De La Salle University. However, they needed some other topics to fill up the time slot for the symposium so they asked him to find another speaker. Guess who he found?

To be honest, I was pretty scared when he asked me to do this because this was something new for me. I’ve been asked to give talks before but this was a different crowd for me. I am used to giving talks in our community, but not to hundreds of strangers who might have been forced by their professors to attend. How do I keep them interested? How do I liven things up?

In the end, I accepted because I was not one to back out from a challenge. Instead of the fear, I chose to look at the opportunity of what was being offered. At some point in my career life, I am sure that I will have to do some sort of public speaking. This would be a perfect practice ground. At least if I mess up now, nothing major is at risk as compared to, say, making a sales pitch. At least I can learn from this experience and improve on my weaknesses in the process.

All in all, based on the reaction of the students and the faculty, I believe the event turned out well. For those who are interested, you may download my Career Opportunities in I.T. presentation here.

Here are some more pictures during the event.

The Organizers

The Speakers




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