I’m coming out..

13 03 2006

I swear I am not talking about myself. I am referring to Rustom Padilla’s claims in Pinoy Big Brother.

For those not familiar with the local showbiz scenario, Mr. Padilla was a matinee idol back in the 90’s. A member of the Padilla clan (with the Bad Boy of Philippine cinema, Robin, as the most prominent among them), Rustom was once envied by many Filipinos because of his marriage to the beautiful Carmina Villaruel.

Anyway, that’s enough about him, you can just do a search on him through google or msn. What I am more interested was his admission that he was indeed homosexual, a question that has been in the minds of many viewers even before his participation in the show. I have to admit that it was a courageous act. A lot of homosexuals remain in the closet because of fear and security. And for those who gather enough guts to do so don’t really do it on a 24-hour show.

Yet, one thing bothers me about this revealation. The perfect timing.. Just when he was nominated for eviction from the house. It didn’t stop there, the next day the famous brother I mentioned earlier visited them on the show! Perfect timing.. Just perfect!

Note: I wrote this entry as soon as Rustom made his statement but misplaced the file 😛




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