Switching Jobs (Ano Tingin Mo Sa Team8 Mo?)

24 03 2006

Yesterday I attended my very first meeting with our team. It’s no big deal really since I’ve had lots of opportunities to be with the team anyway.

Two weeks into the team, we had the “Team Retreat”, although it was more of a teambuilding really. Then, there’s the badminton and the basketball games. Of course, there’s the usual merienda session with them, and just last friday we had a mini despidida for one of our teammates who will be moving on to another team within the company.

Anyway, the fun thing about this first meeting was the continuation of an activity from Baguio called “Ano Tingin Mo Sa Team8 Mo?” Here, we were asked to evaluate our teammates by rating them against these criterias:

Humble vs. Hambog
Shy vs. Kapal-Muks
Knowledgeable vs. Nagmamarunong
Approachable vs. Isnabero
Funny vs. Korny

Back in Baguio, our manager wanted honesty to be prevailent so we used codenames. Under these dosguises, we would be daring enough to really say how we felt about each other. Now, he wanted to promote open communication. Uh oh… We were to go around in circles and telling each other why we rated them that way. Yikes! It was a good thing none of them made a bad impression on me so I didn’t rate them poorly.

As far as their rating on me, I wouldn’t say that it was accurate but it was ok, I guess. I wouldn’t know how to rate myself either. 🙂 It was more or less consistent though. Everyone’s rating were towards being Humble, Knowledgeable, Approachable and Funny. There was only one that went against the flow, so to speak. One actually said I was shy while everyone else tells me that I’m kapal-muks (in a positive way, or so they say).

Anyway, I still have lots of adjustments to make. For now, all I can say is that this team has yet to know me. They have only just began to see the tip of the iceberg.




One response

1 04 2006

what is up with u kuya? how ru? hehe have no idea how ur doin with ur new job…pero i hope ur doin fine and hpe ur happy 🙂 hehe walalang. npadaan lang. 🙂 ingat!

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