To be a servant or to be successful?

7 04 2006

I was having a serious dilemna about my service in our community, Singles For Christ. There are times that I get this feeling that the success in my career is being held back by my service.

Lately however, I realized that I was not being held back by anything or anyone other than myself. I have all the potential to become successful but I have chosen not to use them. Yes, I might come off as an egoistical know-it-all with this statement but this does not just come from me but from other people as well. Of course, it is expected from my family but my former supervisor swears that I have the potential to go places. Those that I have served with in YFC, SFC and Rotaract believes in me as well. Not to mention the numerous colleagues that I have worked with over the years who always have a high regard for me.

And just like the realization that I was the one holding myself back, I now realize that all that potential will not do me any good. Just like what my brother said, potential is overrated, it won’t get you anywhere. It is how you make use of that potential. In the same way, we all have a calling, it is up to us what we want to do with that call.

I just hope that it is not too late for me to utilize this potential, this gift that God has given me. I know now that I choose what I want from my life. I am in control. I choose to be both. I choose to be a successful servant.




2 responses

27 04 2006
Rey Mendoza,Jr.

Put first things first, how many people in their deathbed would say “I wish I could have spent more time in the office”.

Prioritize. Easier said than done, though

27 04 2006
Ryan Salvanera

Yup, so much easier said than done! 🙂

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