CLP woes

8 04 2006

One of the things that really downed my spirits in my service was because of the recent setbacks we faced in the CLP. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I am currently the Team Leader in the Christian Life Program for our chapter. We only have 4 participants but I am nonetheless optimistic because they have shown a very high interest for the community.

Recently though, two speakers informed me that they have problems with the schedule, one will be going to Cagayan for a training at work while the other is going to Mindanao. I just felt like such a failure as a leader. I know that I have no control over it but somehow I just felt bad. Now, I will be forced to take on the next talk since finding a replacement will be close to impossible. I can’t take on the other talk because I too will be out of town on that day for a summer outing at my new work.

Yet, I still found a blessing from Him despite this setback. That talk that I am “forced” to deliver is Talk 6 – Loving Your Neighbour. It is a blessing because this is a topic that I have really wanted to do for the longest time. If you know me, you would know that LOVE is one of my favourite topics, and you will know why I was called Dr. Love-less before. 🙂

Thank you, Lord for allowing me to see the blessings instead of focusing on the problems.




2 responses

10 04 2006

siguro don’t rate yourself on how good a leader you are by the number of participants we have or by how you don’t encounter problems when doing tasks… these trials are the “Refiner’s Fire” and what’s important is how will you deal with it and how you will look like coming out of that fire..

12 04 2006
Ryan Salvanera

Thanks for those encouraging words, Nick. Does tabulas have an RSS feed?

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