1st Company Outing

26 04 2006

The recent company outing was nothing compared to last year’s when the whole company flocked the shores of Boracay. Still, it was good enough for me since it was my first time in Puerto Galera. I know, I know.. pathetic, huh!!!

In my opinion, the outing was not as well organized as I would have liked. The dining area did not have enough cover for everyone so some people had to eat their meals under the sun. Talk about a hot meal. The there was the over-extended presentations by the resort staff. Ok, they had really good dancers and some talented bartenders but it was not spectacular. If they were celebrities, it would have been ok but since they were not, we were more excited to see our officemates jamming and dancing away. And, oh, a fuse blew up causing further delay. Grrr…

With all these mishaps and more, one could not imagine that I would actually end up having a great time, but I really did. Somehow I managed to have a good time. Thanks to the following:

  • The banana boat ride, after which nobody wanted to ride with me again. (I will be uploading pix on this soon)
  • A teammate who became an instant superstar thanks to his drunken master moves.
  • Simply hanging out with the teammates

I have posted the pictures I took on my site. Check them out!
Note: If the slideshow does not run, please place the cursor on your browser’s address bar and press TAB until a message displays on the upper-left instructing you to press SPACEBAR or ENTER.




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