Who ever said serving in SFC will make life easier?

15 05 2006

Nobody!!! It’s a good thing too because that person would have an earful of my frustrations right now.

Things have not been going smoothly at all.

  • Low number of participants.
  • Speakers pulling out at the last minute.
  • DGLs getting too busy.
  • ADGLs not wanting to take over.

I am just so dissapointed right now. Sure, the ADGLs are not really required to take over but it just makes me wonder whatever happened to being mission-ready. I knew I was not ready for this team leader position but I forced myself to step up to the challenge because this is what SFC is all about. Going beyond yourself to be of service to Him and to others.

There are other things that are frustrating me, but then again I have been pretty touchy lately. I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately (sorry for the term, I know “thin” it does not really apply well to me) and it’s been causing some slight breakdowns =P




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15 05 2006

isipin mo, pagsubok lang yan…
and kung konti lang graduates, at least me na-touch pa rin na buhay,me natulungan pa rin tayo mapalapit kay God.
btw, bittersweet because happy kasi tapos na yung schhol year pero sad kasi most of them pupunta na sa grdae 1 and di na namin mashado makikita

16 05 2006
Ryan Salvanera

Yep, I know! Despite the low numbers, we always seem to find something to be happy about, and that’s why I love our chapter pa rin 🙂

19 05 2006

Yep. Tell me about it. When I became team leader in our CLP, someone mentioned ‘Madali lang yan! Wala ka naman gagawin….’ Far from the truth! I realize that being a team leader is actually a spiritual journey. It’s a ‘ride’ that you take with your participants, service team, but most importantly, your God. You become more observant and at the same time more greatful in the little things. I just hope bro that you come out of this with a better appreciation of the nature of this service called SFC and the power of this force called faith. God bless!

19 05 2006
Ryan Salvanera

This post has been removed by the author.

19 05 2006
Ryan Salvanera

It’s funny how you mentioned about being grateful about the little things today when just last night I was actually making a draft of a blog entry on that =)

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