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17 06 2006

It’s been an eternity since my last post! Oh well, what’s new, right? The bad thing about it is that I did have lots of stories to tell but I’ve just been so busy lately that I never had the time to write them down here. I try to avoid blogging at work and I usually just doze off when I get home. Weekends were never an option either since my schedule was always full… I guess I did not follow my own Blogging 101 tip.

Anyway, here’s a summary of what went on during the last couple of weeks. I decided to write in bullet points to make it easier. Click on the sub-headings to view pictures on Multiply.

Teambuilding @ Villa Escudero – 20060610
:: Airline Operations and Recovery team went to Villa Escudero with Russel (from Austin) and Alma (from Auckland)
:: Traffic sucked so we got there just in time for lunch, which was the only thing I had time for.
:: I did not get to spend much time with the rest of the team because I had to rush back to Cainta to coach Enema.

VEEH Summer Basketball 2006

  • RubySoHo Basketball
    • Back-to-back champions in the Senior division
    • Did not play in all the games (was even benched at times) but I did play considerable minutes in the crucial games
    • Had to wear goggles because of an my eye’s allergic reaction to contact lens solution
    • None of my teammates were chosen to be part of the subdivision’s All Star team that played against the (ex) PBA All Stars. Ain’t that supposed to be for the champs?
  • Enema Basketball
    • Back-to-back champions in the Junior division
    • Realization: Coaching is more stressful than playing
    • Lost first game in two years! It was a shame but, at the same time, it was something that the team needed. It tested the team’s character, and they passed with flying colours.

CB Basketball
:: First time to play in an SFC Inter-Chapter Basketball tournament. I was in the OZ mission trip last time.
:: Breezed through the first game but had some difficulties in the second game.
:: Will be in the finals tomorrow against Taytay. They have a pretty big and tough team so let’s see what happens.

Nana in Manila (Sorry! No pictures yet!)
:: This is Nana’s second time in Manila since I got here.
:: We only got to hang out twice but, as always, we had a blast.
:: It was fun seeing Hazel and Fredo again.
:: Alaine met this Jakarta bunch for the first time (she’s only met Cal, Franz and Aldo), and she totally loved them. Her grandma was also very fond of them.

Izar in Manila (Sorry! No pictures yet!)
:: Izar’s first of a series of business trips to Manila
:: It was great to hangout with her again. She’s still as wacky as before, and she’s one of the most down-to-earth girl I know
:: Alaine totally loved Izar as well. She especially loves her crazy antics like “Why not coconut?”

CLP Graduation and “Outing”
:: The CLP is finally over and we have four new graduates.
:: The graduation ceremony was supposed to be done together with the Chapter Outing last Saturday. Unfortunately, the outing to Loreland resort did not push through because of the thunderstorm causing some major traffic
:: I had to walk from Village East to Junction so that I could get a ride to the Gonzales’ place (where the event finally pushed through)
:: I slept outside their gate for awhile since they were still stuck in traffic

Till the next update!!!




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