Text Me Not #1

30 06 2006

I recently received a text message that went something like this:

2 w0rds dAt gUy nd gUrL d0nt wAnt 2 hir nd afrAid of: 4 a gUrL,”its ovEr..”4 a guy,”im dELayEd..”ühahah!Tama db?=p

Sure, people would argue that it is just a forwarded message, a joke which should not be taken seriously. However, I believe that such statements should be worthy of a second look.

4 a gUrL,”its ovEr..”
Why? If the guy does not want him, then to hell with him. It should be a mutual thing, it should also be just as scary for the guy to hear these words. If not, then there was something wrong in their relationship in the first place. Unfortunately though, this is some truth in this. A lot of girls I know become so dependent on their boyfriends that it becomes so hard for them to move on.

4 a guy,”im dELayEd..”
Funny? Not really? If you meant it when you said “I love you” before you had pre-marital sex (I assume that most married couples would be glad to have a baby), then you should not be afraid of the results of your actions. If a girl is stupid enough to have pre-marital sex with someone, at least make sure that he is responsible enough. Here’s a suggestion, go ahead and tell that boyfriend of yours that you are delayed. If he runs out, then at least you found out early on that it was all BS. If he stays, you were still stupid to have sex with him in the first place, but at least you were lucky enough to find a responsible man.

Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magagalit..




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