What’s up w/ Praise & Fashion?

1 07 2006

If you are not from the CFC community then you have probably never heard of this. To summarize, Praise & Fashion is supposedly one way to praise our Lord. It was supposed to showcase the lifestyle w/c the community promotes.

I say supposedly b’coz, as the title might have given away, I do not agree w/ it. Ever since it started back in the YFC days, I have had nothing good to say about it. I have hurled questions on this matter but no answers have fully satisfied my inquiry so my opinion of it has not changed through the years.

For me, it does nothing worthwhile for the community. I say give us more sessions, more talks & more workshops; but please don’t make me sit there & watch this nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong though. Just because I am bashing an activity of SFC does not mean I will quit being active in the community. Of course not! I may not agree w/ the activities of my community & ministry but I will remain faithful to my God.

May God be praised!!!




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