Failure as a leader

2 07 2006

No! This is not about the CLP that I wrote about the last time around. Read on…


Time and time again, I have been praised by parents & CFCs. They say that I am a good speaker and most importantly a good leader.

Such praises are really heart-warming but, as I suddenly reflected today, I came to realize that they are way off-target. I came to realize that all that I did as a YFC leader in the past were… well, part of the past. They no longer mattered.

What matters now is how my leadership then have molded our member’s future..

And in this area, I have been a real FAILURE. Look at the YFCs that I used to lead.. Where are they now? Are they still in YFC? Have they crossovered? Honestly, I don’t know where most of them have gone.

I just hope that someday, my failures as a leader may be overcome by the Lord’s grace & mercy.

May God be praised..


Update: Thank you for those who wrote comments (and sent me messages offline). In retrospect, I now believe that this was an attack by the enemy during my low moment. He probably tried to make me feel that I was incompetent to stop me from continuing my work, my mission. Again, thank you for egging me on. God bless!




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17 07 2006

Yo Ryan!

I think you did a good job. You imparted God’s message to these kids and I think thats what counts. Their relationship and commitment with God are personal and I think you gave them all the support you could.

I am one of the participants in July 2006 SWR1. You did a very good job during the talk. Don’t worry, I didn’t have a hard time listening to your talk, I was quite drawn to listening to it.

Like you said, don’t condemn yourself. I think you were not a failure at all. My HS teacher told me before that he was arming us for the real world, being strict and quite annoying especially because his class was Christian Living. I thought that was all crap, but now I realize that the lessons he imparted were very important and useful.

Somewhere in time, maybe not now or tomorrow, the wisdom you imparted to these kids will ring a bell and they’ll remember it. God touches lives of people and sometimes it takes time before a person is willing to heed God’s call. God called these Youths through you and maybe not immediately, they will listen… and you were a part of it.

During the retreat you shared that you had an earlier reply in this topic… See? That person is one of those that were touched by you. Soon, I think that person will be serving God, if not already, in her own ways. And you were used by God to call her. You didn’t fail at all!

Right now, I have that CL teacher of mine, my parents, and everyone who called and prepared my way to SFC to thank. And in every step I take with the community, my purpose in life becomes clearer.

You did a good job. I don’t think your talk will be something I’ll forget soon. Instead, I think its one of God’s lessons that will stay with me for a very long time, and when I’m ready, I’ll share it with others as well.

I had a great time during the SWR though I didn’t know much of the other participants. Its because God hand-picked excellent leaders to impart His message.

God Bless!

17 07 2006
Ryan Salvanera

Wow! Thank you for that wonderful message. I thank God for letting His words speak through me that afternoon.

God bless..

18 07 2006

Wow nga….. This is what we get when we choose to be honest in our blogs…..

21 07 2006

I am one of those YFC members that listened to your talks before. You ask where are we now and if we crossovered to SFC. Well, I didn’t continue in SFC. But that doesn’t mean your talks didn’t affect me in anyway. I may not be part of SFC but I still believe I answer God’s call in my own way.

You are not a failure. You’ve planted seeds in the hearts of those who listened to you. But it is their personal relationship with God that will make that grow. 🙂

21 07 2006
Ryan Salvanera

Wow! Thank you for that inspiring message. It is good to know that I have been an instrument in planting those seeds into your hearts.

I will edit this post to reflect some new insights that I’ve had since writing this.

By the way, if the time comes that you will need the community’s support, we are always here, ready to welcome you. For now, I honour you in answering His call in your own way.

God bless!

3 01 2010

Oh my god loved reading this blogpost. I submitted your feed to my blogreader!

11 01 2011
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