Global Leaders Conference

11 07 2006

I attended the Global Leaders Conference two weeks ago. I must say that in all the conferences that I have been to in this community (YFC and SFC), this was one of the most powerful and inspiring event that I’ve been to.

The speakers were able to drive their point but what really got to me where the sharers. The sharers were so empowered that they shared the most intimate details of their lives to the crowd of 700. Details which most of us would choose to keep to ourselves, or maybe simply choose confide to a chosen few. But the sharers were bold enough knowing that this is what everyone needed to hear.

Here are a few lessons and insights which I got from them:

  • Evil continues to spread. Satan is real. The war is real
    • We experienced this first hand on our way to the GLF.
    • First, Hannah and Kaye had to work overtime for their projects. Thank goodness Len came to the rescue so we found someone to write with.
    • Next, Len had a minor accident on the way to Pasong Tamo where we were supposed to meet.
    • Finally, we witnessed a man get thrown off his bike while we were on the way to the venue.
    • All this was meant to keep us or scare us away from the GLF.
  • We can never just stay HERE. Whether we like it or not, our destiny is to go out there & fight.
    • We have to go out of our comfort zones.
    • We have to continue learning and growing in our faith.
  • We are not too poor to give.
    • The poorest of the poor can still give. I believe this was said by one of the sisters from Africa.
  • The sharing by a sister from Canada showed the real evil of pre-marital sex
    • How abortion was so rampant
    • How it was a simple service.. a service to eliminate life
    • How I wish these kinds of sharings would also be available to YFC so that there eyes may also be opened to the culture of death that is spreading.

Again, these are just a few of what I took home from the conference. There were more eye-openers but explaining them here might just lead to more confusion to those who did not attend, especially about the talk on spiritual deepening. So for those who didn’t make it, try to be there next time.. =)

By the way, here are some pictures from the event.




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