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16 08 2006

Enough serious stuffs.

I read this in one of my friend’s brother’s blog:

Relationship Math

“Sevens marry Sevens, Nines marry Nines, Fours marry Fours. Maybe there’s some wiggle room if there’s enough money or someone got pregnant…”That’s a quote I got from the season 2 finale of my favorite show, “House”. And in the show Dr. House was talking to the wife of a patient saying that she and her husband’s relationship is a mathematical error because she was too beautiful for him. Hmm… I think I agree and disagree with it. Let me explain.I remember watching a National Geographic show that says that people tend to look for partners that are as attractive as themselves, stating that it is a psychological mechanism people use to select a mate. I can vouch for this since I am usually attracted to women who are pretty cute but not drop dead gorgeus. (So I guess I classify myself as not handsome, but does not look like a guy with a face of a horse and got hit in the head a couple of times with an ugly stick. hehe) It is usual to see couples who are as attractive as their partners and is surprising to see anomalies like a uber hot chick with a boyfriend that looks like Gollum. Hence there is an equation of 7 = 7 and 7 > 4 but not 7 = 4But what I dont agree that the only wiggle room in this equation is money and pregnancy. There is always wiggle room if both people look past looks and looks into what’s important in a relationship… like compatibility of goals, maturity and commitment. And therefore resulting into this equation 7 = 4 + 3

To look past looks is a tall order since first impressions do last and people are wired to make snap judgements on people they meet. And I am guilty of that.

I’m pretty sure that most of us are guilty of this too… And sure I can decide to again look at this seriously but I’d rather not, I’ll just be thankful that luckily for me, Alaine is not guilty… =)




6 responses

16 08 2006

Hehehe….. =)

24 08 2006

daan daan lang. madami akong free time ngayon, kasi i’m in between jobs. (read: soon to be jobless, hehe)

i read about this eons ago and it’s pretty interesting. hanapin ko nga uli kung san ko nabasa while i’m being a bed potato.

good day!

28 08 2006
Yogi Boy

paano mo nalagyan ng pic yung header mo… waaahhhh… gusto ko non… ibabalik ko yung header ng luma kong blog… hehehe…

28 08 2006

depende ata yan sa design/template na pinili mo, bro…

31 08 2006

aalis lang, wala pang bagong job. ~_^

2 09 2006

kakatapos ko lang manood ng house md season 2. napanood ko yung ep na to. 🙂

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