I’m Back…

14 03 2007

After 5 months of absence from the blogging world, I am finally back. This time I will try to update my blog as often as I can. The initial dilemma I had was which blog should I revive? There’s my blog on friendster, multiply, tabulas, blogspot and wordpress. I know, I know, that’s a dilemma? What a geek! =) Anyway, I ended up choosing wordpress since 1. it was the most recent service I used and 2. because I have plans of getting my own domain and server, and possibly hosting my own blog, and wordpress is the most common service that my friends use when they do this.

So what’s up?!?
I went through a lot in those last 5 months that I was in hibernation. For now, I will use bullet points just like I did the last time I was away from my blog for awhile.

  • Austin Assignment: I am back in Manila from a two-month stint in Austin, TX. OK, so I got back 3 months ago but I’ve never blogged about it so bear w/ me. I have some pics on my multiply page. More to come.. Promise!
  • Another Austin Trip: I will be at the US Embassy next week for my L1 Visa Interview. If all goes well, I should be flying back to Austin in a couple of weeks. This time, it will be for a six-month stint. Uh! oh! I am excited because this will certainly be a good time to save money… but 6 months away from Home? from SFC? from my GG? Uh! oh!
  • SFC: I went from an ultimate high in my community life to zip, zero, nada.. Luckily for me, I have my GG who continued to encourage me despite my resistance. Now, I’m also back in the community. Hopefully, this will continue when I leave for Austin again. Here are some pics taken during the CLP last week.
1st Speaker of the East A1 E CLP 2007 With Aine at the CLP
CLP Speaker Wacky Pix with Yey
LOST? banner for the CLP
Dramatic pose w/ LOST banner
  • Sports: I have always been very active in different sports activities. However, since I started working in the corporate world, I had to stop playing most of them. The only one that stayed was basketball. It’s nice that I finally found the time to start playing tennis (I blogged about this a couple of months ago), badminton and, yes, I even went back to the driving range. Not that I am any good at these stuffs but it just feels good to be out there and active again. =)

That’s about all the updates I have for now.

God bless…




3 responses

15 03 2007

i dunt really knoe how to fix it e hehe if u want u can help me coz m too lazy to figure it out on my own..thanx foe the comment kuya! usap tyo sa ym, jes buzz me wen ur on ha! ako im usually on during 7am-11am jan k!mwah miss u

15 03 2007

Welcome back!

16 03 2007

If you need help on the domains and server hosting, just let me know. I’m also involved in a web hosting business which I can recommend to your hosting needs. Check this out – http://www.homewebbies.com/homeweb/

Ciao! 😉

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