Austin! Yeah!

25 03 2007

This trip to Austin was not something I was looking forward too albeit it really was unwanted at this point in time. Unwanted b’coz it came a little too soon. Too soon for the proper goodbyes and to soon for the right hellos. Goodbye to Alaine whom I have not been spending much time w/ b’coz of work & Hellos to my family who will be visiting Manila in the next couple of weeks! Family whom I have not seen in years..

Still i pushed through with the trip b’coz the team really needed someone to be there asap. I knew that when I took on this job that there would be sacrifices and this was one of those decisions that I needed to make.

What made the situation worse though was that the HR/Facilities team could not get us decent flights. Instead of going Manila – Narita – Minneapolis – Austin, we had to go through Manila – Nagoya – Detroit – Memphis then Austin. I could not blame them though as, just like Jeremy and myself, they barely had a week to prepare.

Yes, they made a little better by providing us complimentary passes to the NorthWest World Club lounge but it was still a long trip. Besides, these lounges did not have hot meals so we had to be content w/ cookies, biscuits, mini carrots & the like for lunch. I ended up feasting on the canned fruit drinks instead.

NWA World Club Ryan at NWA World Club
Wine and cookies Ryan @ NWA World Club

Anyway, the trip lasted more than 24hours. I left our house around 3am (Mar 24, MNL) and did not arrive until 1030pm (Mar 24, AUS) in the apartment which would be 1130am (Mar 25, MNL). Whew!

Don’t worry, this rant will end soon.. And not b’coz I’m getting tired but b’coz I will soon be raving. Yup, raving b’coz of the wonderful welcome that we got when we stepped into our Apartment.

Living Room Dining Table
Living Room Dining Table
Some Snacks My Room
“Some Snacks” My Room
(with background music)

Maryam did tell me that she would prepare some snacks but this was really a wonderful surprise. Yes, I was still tired from the trip (I slept until 5pm the next day), I still want to see my nephews & nieces and I still miss Alaine.. But this sure made me feel welcome & wanted, & pumped up for work!Ü

Note: Jeremy and I did NOT finish all those snacks in one sitting.




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