Proud Uncle #1

31 03 2007

The reason for the number is that I have so many things to share about my nephews and nieces. They are such a talented, smart bunch and one post will simply not be enough.

Here are some poems that Jamie wrote:

My Perfect Family
By Teresa Jamie GunawanWithout you… (For my Dad)The sun shines,
     The flowers bloom, 
                     Only if you are with me.

Wherever you are, wherever I am,
     You will still be with me, 
                     Side by side.

 Without you I can’t think straight, 
     My mind is a blur, 
                     But when you are with me,
                                     Suddenly everything turns clear.

 I love you Dad so very much,
     You always help me out, 
                    Always trying to make me smile,
                                     You make each day seem so worth while.                       

A part of me (For my Mum)

Mum, you are a part of me,
     With out you I am not complete.

You know what I’m about to say,
     You know everything that’s going on.

You know when to talk to me,
     You know when to leave me alone.

You are definitely the best Mum,
     Perfect in every single way.

If we were ever separated,
     I wouldn’t last a day.

You work hard, cooking breakfast, dinner and lunch, 
     So I want to say, Mum, I love you so very much…

Even though… (For Koko John and Jonathan)

Even though we fight and yell,
     There’s something important I have to tell,

Thank you so much for putting up with me, 
     If I were you, I would run and flee,

But you didn’t complain, not a single sound, 
     Then I realised how lucky I am to have you around,

Even though we don’t really get along, 
     I look up to you because you never do wrong,

You are the one I turn to when I need some advice, 
     You’re caring, kind, and so very nice.




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