A Special Banquet in Austin

3 04 2007

I read a post by one of my brothers in the SFC family (Nicky) and was humbled that he was able to go ahead with his fasting while I failed miserably.

On what was supposedly going to be my first day, I woke up late and immediately went on my routine of filling a bowl with cereal and drowning it in milk. I then realized my mistake and and tried to make it up by not eating the rest of the day. I simply took in water. Lots and lots of water. I was successful the rest of the working day but again slipped at night because I was simply too hungry having had only water. Not to mention the fact that it was Jeremy’s birthday and he treated us for some TexMex food. And today, I ended up finishing the rest of that TexMex food for lunch since there servings were huge.

texmex-ryan texmex-jeremy texmex-dan

I am not blaming Jeremy. I know that I have no one to blame but myself. I should have known myself better and not underestimated the effort needed to be successful in fasting, especially a water-only fast. But now, I know better and I will try to give it one more go. I’m not going to to do another water-only fast but decided to take it slow this time and try a bread and water/fresh milk fast until Easter Sunday.

To my SFC family, please pray for me that I may have enough strength to get through this.

To my housemates here in Austin, please do not cook any yummy meals, and I hope you can finish off that beef by April 6 all by yourselves.

May God be praised…

For more pictures from Austin, check out Dan’s album.




4 responses

6 04 2007

wow sarap niyan ry ah hehehe… mga nasa pictures mo… anyway.. kaya naman pala mahirap kasi water only yung tinry mo agad hehehe…. kahit ako parang di ko kakayanin pagbiglaan eh… i do think bread and water is still manageable… hope you can survive it also hehehe… i’ll pray for you as well…

7 04 2007


Unfortunately, I was not able to survive it as well. I noticed that my productivity in the office was affected so I had to put an end to the bread and water thing.

Instead, I just kept my intake to the minimum.


8 04 2007

hehehe…. how bout veggies, fruits and fish na lang… and lots of water…no softdrinks… baka makatulong sayo…

8 04 2007

I would love that but out here, I simply cannot afford it. What you mentioned are the most expensive stuff here, especially fish or any kind of seafood.

I have long given up softdrinks =)

Happy Easter!!!

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