Xmas weather on Easter Sunday

7 04 2007

This is what the weather man said earlier.

Oh boy! It’s around 50ºF outside and none of us brought any of those nice, warm, thick winter clothing thinking that it would be warm and cozy here in Austin. My colleagues were not even given any winter allowance (I got mine the last time I came here and that’s good for three years) because HR said that it will not be cold. Yeah, right!The weather forecast tomorrow is lowest at 31ºF and highest at 58ºF. Yikes!

Since we do not have any warm clothing, we ended up spending the whole Saturday bumming here in the apartment. That really sucked big time because we had wanted to go visit Mansfield Dam Park. It would have been fun to just check out the view and grill some barbecue.

Oh well, at least I was able to make use of this time to catch up on some readings that I had to do, plus organize some plans that I have been brewing up these couple of months. Still, I wish it would clear up soon so that we can at least get out on weekends. Our lives have become routinary (Is that a word?) here and we really need the weekends to keep our spirits up.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Update: We decided to brave the weather and go out for dinner tonight. We are rewarding ourselves for hitting the gym regularly (more of aerobic exercises though) and simply taking oatmeal every dinner. Check out our pictures on Dan’s Picasa Album “aka Winter”. You might also want to view the rest of the pictures there as well as Jeremy’s Album.




4 responses

8 04 2007

keep up the diet boy! Mom is watching your weight! hahahaha!!!!

8 04 2007

Haha! Yes, boss… Not only mom, there’s ate jinx, ate ann, alaine…

I’m gonna go jog again in a couple of minutes. Also, I’m thinking about taking that Mayo Clinic Diet that we did last time, but I’m gonna compute the cost first before I get myself into it. =)

13 04 2007

yea its been gettin cold again and to think na spring na.. so kuya sumama ka na magmiami para mainet!!!!

13 04 2007

Mahal eh! =) I do not necessarily make the same money you guys do.

Besides, you didn’t send me the trip details. =P

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