19 04 2007

Nope, not pregnancy pills. I may have a big tummy that makes me look like I am about to go into labour but no, it’s not that.

I am talking about diet pills and weight-loss formulas.

Yesterday, I was at the grocery/pharmacy and my house mate inquired about a pill that he was using in the Philippines. Unfortunately for him, the store was out-of-stock and so he ended up getting some other alternative.

Now, I have tried taking diet pills before (Bangkok Pills) but it did not really work out for me. Although I got thinner, the side effects were just not worth it. I lost my appetite but at the same time, I also ended up losing all my energy. I would be sitting in the office and just not have enough energy to do anything whether it be work or just messing around with officemates.

Since then, I have not really given it much thought but now, I am seriously considering this option. I was successful in losing weight “naturally” a couple of years back but the same routine does not seem to work anymore, and I feel that this will really help speed things up.

For now, these are the weight-loss options that I am considering:

  1. Xenical
    • Helps block about one-third of the fat in the foods you eat from being absorbed by your body
    • By consuming fewer calories, your body will automatically tap into its fat stores and use them for the energy it needs
  2. Hydroxycut
    • Ingredients help increase energy levels, and boost metabolism and calorie-burning, thereby helping you support your fat-loss goals

These two have been highly recommended by some friends. How about you? What do you think?




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19 04 2007

No weight-loss pill would be that effective without proper nutrition and exercise. πŸ™‚

After almost a year of not working out, I decided to get ripped again and maybe get stronger in the process. I’m currently taking Hydroxycut Hardcore also with the intention of speeding things up, and so far so good. In just 1 week of use, 2 of my 6 pack abs are already showing up, and my arms are starting to show some definition. Then again, I don’t rely on Hydroxycut alone, I eat 5 small servings of low carb meal, protein shake, and creatine everyday and it goes with 30 mins. of cardio exercise and 30 mins. of heavy weigh lifting 4-5 times a week. πŸ™‚

Diet takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice, and I’m sure that with proper motivation, it won’t be a problem with you, my friend. πŸ˜‰

20 04 2007

Thanks, HyperAxe.

Well, we are still trying our best to lessen our rations here. It’s pretty difficult because of the many tempting food here, especially those yummy-looking (but definitely unhealthy) microwave food. I think we have been pretty successful though. We rarely eat rice anymore and when we do, it’s usually very small portions.

Not sure about the heavy weight lifting because I do not really want to get all buffed up. I’ll probably go with the cardio exercises instead.

Hmmm.. discipline?!? sacrifice?!? Hahaha…

Well, Hydroxycut gets another vote! πŸ˜›

20 04 2007

Hi ry, another option is to drink teas which contain the garcinia cambogia…. its a plant fruit which takes away your hunger and reducing appetite…also a fat-burner….drink these 30 minutes before meal..

Like what Hyperaxe said, I dont also believe that you’ll have great progress in your weight loss if you dont have proper nutrition and exercise… Hydroxycut is used during workouts so when you decide to take it, there should be exercise involved in your program.. running or jogging is good.. situps too =)

Another thing, get rid of sugar…. it just makes you crave more for food…kahit di mo talaga kelangan.. =) Goodluck on your program.!

22 04 2007

I am starting to drink teas although I am not sure if it contains that ingredient.

Yes, I agree with you. I have a pretty regular exercise routine here especially since the apartment that I will be in for the next five months is a minute away from the gym and two minutes from the pool and basketball court. As for nutrition, I have started to cut down on my portions…

I haven’t both Hydroxycut though! Mahal pala yun.. $28.19 for 72 capsules, and with the recommended intake, I’ll consume that in about 2weeks. Yikes!

23 04 2007

hehe mahal nga yun… you can find teas which contain Garcinia Cambogia sa herbal stores… or punta ka Chinese medicine shops… they provide herbal teas also.. ask around na lang hehe…

Wow, you have a program na and steps you’re taking…that’s really good to hear.. Im looking forward to seeing you when you come back hehehe.. surprise me! surprise us…

23 04 2007

I’ll try my best to surprise y’all…

30 04 2007

Hi Yan!
I still recommend a good diet and exercise…or in short, change of lifestyle. It is important to eat during regular times, that is, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Eat in moderation. Avoid fatty food, yes Yan the fast-food junkfood. Try oats, fruits, vegies, jelly or custard, and lean meat. As for exercise, you’re good with your basketball and tennis, but when you can, try swimming and jogging.
Pills are temporary solutions, and some side-effects are too much to handle and can get out-of-hand in some cases.

Dont be too hard on yourself. You look great, just have to go for that lifestyle change slowly.

8 05 2007

KUYA! xenical is a no kasi it’s not effective at kekelanganin mo mag diaper. hydroxycut…..ang alam ko dapat sabayan mo ng gym? exercise? bangkok pills ka nalang ulit. thats the most effective…un nga lang ibang klase ang side effects although papayat ka sobra. sabayan mo ng discipline BP, baka kaya. like every other day kasi masasanay katawan mo na konti lang talaga. πŸ™‚ or, magdulcolax ka everyday or bioslim para poopoo ka lang ng poopoo. hehehe πŸ™‚

8 05 2007

Dulcolax sounds like a good option but I might get into some deep s#!+ (literally πŸ™‚ ) since I spend a lot of time at work and it might catch me off-guard. Haha!

As for Bangkok Pills, I’ve tried that before and it had some really nasty effect on me. It was such a downer. My officemates thought that something was wrong because I was no longer the loud, jolly person in the office. I just sat silently in front of my monitor and only got up to do a number one. =P It worked but it did not make me feel good.

Just an update, the Hydroxycut arrived via US Postal Services yesterday and I tried it out today. No side effects although I was at the gym for about 2hours without getting tired. πŸ™‚ That’s a side effect I can live with..

31 05 2007

My doctor tita recommends Reductil. It’s a prescription drug to battle obesity. Ok. Don’t take offense. We sorta envision obese people as people with rolls of fat. Pero medicine defines it differently. Please dont ask me to go into details pero something about BMI nad fat % etc. But I digress…

I’ve seen Reductil’s wonderful results. I think it speeds up your metabolism while making you feel full. Anyway, common sense dictates, for best results, combine it with exercise.

I know someone who used Reductil then maintained the (dramatic) weight loss via exercise and good diet.

31 05 2007

Thanks for the tip, Kaye! I have not been taking Hydroxycut regularly which is probably why it is not working too well… I will try to make this work one more time and then go from there.

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