Sir, is there an emergency?

29 04 2007

Wow! This was how polite the officer was when he pulled us over. Yes, yes.. I was actually pulled over by the cops for SPEEDING!

I am sure Milo (my roommate in Austin last year) would be surprised. I was always the one telling him to slow down and here I am, being pulled over for being 20mph over the limit. Apparently, I was driving in a school zone and a little over the limit can already get someone into trouble.

I was really feeling weak and uneasy. I have never been pulled over in my life and it had to be here. Here were you cannot bribe the cops and here were I was pretty sure that I had just wasted at least 2weeks worth of allowance to pay the fine.

Speeding WARNING

Oh man, it was just not my day, or week for that matter. I have been going through a lot of stress lately and I just did not need any more problems. But, it actually turned out to be my lucky day b’coz the officer decided to let me off with a warning! Oh man! I was so relieved. I guess God thought I’ve had enough for the week. 🙂 I say this b’coz I found out from my colleagues later on that speeding near a school zone is a pretty serious offense. Whew! Thank you, Lord!




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