Finally, a long weekend in Austin…

13 06 2007

Since my colleagues and I were assigned here in Austin, we have missed about a week’s worth of holidays. For those not from Philippines, we have more than 20 National Holidays this year. So, when we realized that Memorial Day was gonna fall on a Monday, we immediately started making plans.

It started out with the idea of heading down south of Texas to Corpus Christi (about two hours away) or maybe South Padre Island (about six hours away). At least that was the plan a couple of weeks before but, as they always do, our plans took a sudden change.

To make a long drive/story short, we ended up driving to Chicago. Yes, Austin to Chicago and back in 3 days. If y’all are not familiar about how far Chicago is, imagine driving from Manila to Davao and back to Manila… twice! That’s a total of almost 2,500 miles. Yes, my dear friends, we were that crazy. In fact, when we were introduced to our office mate’s wife during the outing last weekend, she said, “Oh! So you are the crazy folks from Manila who drove all the way to Chicago for the weekend!” And just last week, when we were introduced to one of the directors, they quipped that “they made there mark by driving to Chicago…” (I have more stories like these but you get the point..)

Yes, it was definitely a crazy trip. Something that I would really think long and hard about doing again. But, at the same time, it was really worth it. Sure the 24hour drives took its toll on our body but the scenery that went with it was really awesome. We even passed through a bridge above the Mississippi river (did I spell that right?).

MJSure we only got to spend a day in Chicago but we enjoyed every minute of it. Our sincerest gratitude goes to Kuya Boloy and his family. They really went all out in taking us all over town. They took us to the United Center (the picture on the right is the primary reason why the long trip was all worth it), the Millennium Park, the Buckingham Fountain and even treated us for all our meals, that Jim’s Polish Sausage was awesome. Christina and Julius were also terrific hosts. Not to mention Ate Ditas who, although at work, was constantly on the phone with Kuya Boloy, very concerned about our tour. Again, thank y’all for making that one day in Chicago a day to remember.

More pictures to follow…




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15 06 2007

You are totally insane guys, but that was really cool! 😀

7 09 2008
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