A jet-setting week

18 08 2007

Hmm… Ok, I don’t think I really fit the description of being a jet-setter, but I’ll stick with it for lack of a better term.

Anyway, the next two weeks will be a lot of traveling for me. Here’s how my itinerary looks like:

  • Aug 20 – 22
    • Fly from Austin to Dallas, TX
    • Official business trip
    • Hopefully meet an old buddy from high school
  • Aug 22 – 26
    • Fly back to Austin at noon; Fly to New York in the afternoon
    • Attend a conference – this is worth another entry
    • Meet with Michelle
    • Hopefully meet other friends (She, Joy, Manre, etc)
  • Aug 27 – ?!?
    • Tentatively another official business

Fine, this may be a regular thing for most people but my line of work does not really entail a lot of traveling so this is pretty exciting to me.

For my friends who are in Dallas and New York, let’s meet up…




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