Blogging From Google New York

24 08 2007

Ryan @ GTACI am at the Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) in New York as I create this blog post. This is actually the second day of the event but I was smart-enough to leave my laptop at my friend’s place yesterday.

I am just so amazed (and overwhelmed) with all the topics that have been discussed. We briefly started our automation efforts a year ago but was never able to push through with it but now, I am seeing more and more need for it especially since we are expanding our coverage but NOT expanding our resources. Sure, I expect introductory pains again but we must get through this to prepare ourselves for even more coverage of the product.

Hopefully, our big boss in the QA group will allow me to experiment on these new stuffs that I am learning here. Who knows, I might be able to discover a thesis topic for my MSIIT through these experiments..

The cool thing about it is that they are posting the video of the seminars on YouTube.

GTAC 2007: Allen Hutchison – First Principles

For more videos, see the YouTube playlist for GTAC talks.




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