I Love New York!!!

26 08 2007

Well… apparently not as much as I originally though. Still, I had been waiting to shout that since we began planning this trip so here’s a short clip of it.

I guess I just had so much expectations that I ended up being disappointed. I do not want to go into details about the trip and the places that I was able to visit so I will just include a summary on them:

  • Google New York – Great Conference! Awesome Food! Geeky (but really cool) People!
  • Bowling Green – Nice view of the Statue of Liberty. Not as good as what Dids, Lei and Je had but good enough
  • Wall Street – Nothing much there really but I did see the New York Stock Exchanges and the most expensive street corner, Wall Street-14th.
  • Ground Zero – Construction was ongoing for a new highrise.
  • Grand Central – Simple but has a cozy feel to it despite so many people going about. I wanted to eat at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse but it was way out of my budget.
  • Public Library – where Uncle Ben (Spiderman’s uncle) was killed. =)
  • Philippine Embassy
  • Rockefeller Park – Of course, the huge Christmas tree won’t be there till December so there was not much to see
  • St Patrick’s cathedral – The place looked really elegant, and there was a wedding ceremony too. Something that does not happen a lot according to Mitch (it must cost a fortune)
  • Time Square – Those huge screens are simply amazing.
  • Empire State Building – Lined up a looooooong time to get up and I guess that’s why it ended up disappointing me.
  • Serendipity cafe – Nice, cozy place but I was disappointed with my order. I will never get ravioli again, well except maybe for the ones that comes in Chef Boyarde cans (they come free at work!)
  • Central Park – Huge place. We did not even get to cover one-fourth of the place. If I was to live in New York, this will probably be one of the places I will frequent.

Although it did not meet my expectations, I still did enjoy my New York trip. Especially because of the people who made it all worthwhile. (I have another separate entry for this but let me just do a quick shout-out to Mitch and her family. Thanks a bunch, Tito, Tita, Joanne, Jun, Ian and, of course, Mitch.)




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