Worst thing about GTAC?

26 08 2007

Don’t worry, our dear organizers, I will not be flaming you or the conference in general. I just need to get this out of my system so I can finally stop being pissed at myself and start laughing at myself.

The worst thing about GTAC is.. me and my bad sense of direction.

The funny thing too was that I was actually bragging to my New Yorker friend after the first day that going through the subways by myself was a piece of cake. With just little directions from her, I was able to get around the city right away. Unfortunately, my sense of direction failed me at the worst time.

It would have been OK if it happened during the first two days of the conference. At least, the Google office will always be accessible. But NO, it had to happen on the third day, when we were supposed to be on a cruise around the Hudson river. Aargh!

That must be one of the worst feelings.. when something slips by you right in front of your face (and very slowly at that) with you being helpless about it. Yep, I missed the cruise by minutes, probably even seconds..

Bad thing was that I had pushed back all other plans with my other colleagues because of this cruise. I had wanted to make use of the opportunity to mingle and discuss with the speakers and other participants, hoping that I could get some ideas for work as well as my MSIT thesis topic.

Still, looking at the bright side, I did get to see other parts of New York (that’s another story) and I have more than enough really to take home from the conference.




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