I Love New Yorkers!!!

27 08 2007

We have all heard about the crazy, fast-paced New York lifestyle so I pretty much had a biased idea about New Yorkers. Thankfully, I was proven wrong every single day:

  • Day 1
    • Mitch and her family. My flight to New York was delayed but neither Tito nor Mitch minded waking up in the middle of the night to pick me up fro La Guardia Airport. God knows I would not know what to do if they did not pick me up there.
  • Day 2
    • During my first subway ride alone (I had to transfer and take a different route from Mitch), a lady in our car just collapsed and started shaking. At first, people just stood and I was like, “Holy Crap! New Yorkers really do not care!” Then, people slowly gained composure. One girl rushed out as soon as the car’s door opened in the next station and alerted the driver. When the lady regained consciousness, me and another guy pacified her and then helped her out of the track. The employees at the station then took her where she could get more help and everything went back to normal again.
  • Day 3
    • Ian (Mitch’s youngest brother) gave me a mini map to help me get around. A small gesture but a very thoughtful one at that.
  • Day 4
    • I was at Bowling Green, waiting (forever) for the rest of the group. Since I had no phone, I had to break my bills into quarters so I can use the pay phone. When the vendor found out about this, he actually offered his phone to me (as long as it was local).
  • Day 5
    • Another subway story. An old lady was on her way out of the car but decided to step back in at the last minute. When the train started again, she almost fell down. Another lady quickly barked out, “Are You Okay?” Then stood up and went to sit down with the old lady, helping her out with directions. When the old lady got to her stop, the other lady even offered to walk to the place with her.

I guess this trip also allowed me to see that, despite all the craziness happening all around us, there is still a lot of goodness in people all over..




2 responses

1 10 2007

I hear a lot of NY horror stories; nice to know there are also nice stories like the ones you shared! Perhaps there are a lot of these good deed stories but they get drowned out by the impact of the bad ones.

3 10 2007

Yeah, I was actually scared at the thought of going on the subway by myself but it was pretty cool. I guess that’s how it really is, good deed stories being drowned out by the bad ones. Meron din pala ganun sa States =)

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