1 09 2007

Manila.. I’m coming home to Manila!

Yup, after more than 160 days, I am finally coming home. Although I am not too thrilled about the 27 hour trip home, I am pretty excited about surprising Alaine. She actually thinks that I am on an another business trip to Dallas. =)

I guess this is the perfect time to look back and get mushy on the trip. Yes, it was hard being away from family and loved ones for an extended period of time, but somehow I was able to have fun along the way.

The best part, of course, was all the traveling I did. I was able visit some new (and exciting?) places. The “legendary” [Chicago trip] will go down the history of Navitaire as the craziest road trip done by Manila employees on an onshore project. I was also able to visit LA and see Universal Studios, though the best part was seeing Chien and Nick again. Sure, we’ve all changed since the last time we actually hanged out together but it was still great meeting up.

I was also to go to [Dallas] on a business trip to [Southwest]. Well, I did not really go around but this was the first time I went on a client visit so it was pretty cool. The nice thing about it was that our Service Account Manager told us that the client thought the trip was worthwhile. Yet again, the best thing about the trip was meeting up with Sharon, a high-school buddy of mine whom I have not seen in 13 years.

The last trip was the [New York] trip which I have already talked too much about so I will leave that as is. =) The only bad thing of course is that I did not get to meet up with the rest of the people I planned to meet, [She, Joy, Manre and more.]

I guess all that’s left is to thank the people who helped make this a good trip. My family and loved ones who supported me in this trip, especially Alaine who tirelessly called up and sent me load when I needed it. Our tour guides in Chicago, LA, Dallas and New York for taking us around. My roommates Jeremy and Dan for the late night chit-chats and farting competitions =) The Austin team (special mention to Susan Benites and Mike Arguello) who made me feel welcome. Last, but definitely not the least, I’d like to thank Dids and Lei for letting me hang out and bug them nightly, trusting me with their driving lessons and trusting me with their secrets.

Thanks y’all and see ya soon…




4 responses

6 09 2007

uy, nasa pinas ka na uli? mukhang ang saya ng trip mo, dami mong nagawa. 🙂

6 09 2007

Yup, yup.. I’m back!

Yeah, I was able to travel around a bit this time around. A little expensive but I might not be able to do it again, so what the heck, right?

12 09 2007

when you come back Accenture ka na rin. So i guess that makes us officemates. Have a safe trip 🙂

12 09 2007

Yep, yep.. I was going to write about that but they said that we should not disclose too much information. So I am still contemplating what constitutes too much information. =)

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