3 10 2007

Deadheading refers to crewmembers, including flight attendants and pilots, who are being repositioned as part of their assigned trip. That is, they’re flying as passengers while on duty.” – From USA Today

Now, what does this have to do with this blog entry? Absolutely Nothing!

As the category might have given away, this is not even about airlines but about basketball, particularly our company’s first ever basketball league. The plan came about a year ago after we competed in the commercial division of a summer league. The cut the story short, one of our officemates called a meeting a couple of weeks ago and then there we were last night, playing our very first game.

So, what does deadheading have to do with this? Again, absolutely nothing.

Well, ok fine, it is somewhat related because we decided to call our team, DeadHeads. Since our team’s “expertise” is on Airline Operations, we felt it was appropriate to use this Airline Operations term.

Come to think of it, it actually matches our team philosophy. Just as the crewmembers are open to being repositioned, our players are flexible in their role in the team. We have no legitimate superstar but we all knew that we all have to help in the little things in order for our team to win.

This attitude definitely made my life as coach easier. I had the luxury of playing around with the lineup. I would often have a different mix inside. I could use a lineup with two natural point guards, a line up without a legitimate center or even one with 4 guards and a power forward. I believe that this kept our opponents on their toes, never knowing what we would throw at them, and in the end it worked as we won our very first game.

Hope to see some of you there next time around.

Note: I will be posting the schedule of games here in case anyone is interested! 😉





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