SWA HQ Business Trip

5 11 2007

A couple of months ago, I had the chance to visit the Southwest Headquarters at Dallas, Texas. The first thing my brother said was to observe the corporate culture there.

People seem to know each other, always greeting everyone with a smile, despite the fact that there were thousands assigned in the Headquarters. They do not have a dress policy, even in the Flight operations room.

Another testimony of this corporate culture are the walls on their building. There are plaques, picture frames, news clippings and a lot of other stuffs along the corridors. There were so many of these that, when my colleague and I were looking at the postings, a Southwest employee remarked that it would take us weeks to get through all of them. (Pictures from our trip can be found on my multiply account)

Since the visit, I have continued reading articles and blogs, and subscribed to “NUTS ABOUT SOUTHWEST.” Here’s a couple of articles that made me envious of their corporate culture.

Making lemonade out of controversial lemons from Airline Biz

We do acknowledge that sometimes there could be differing opinions when it comes to a judgment call. These situations are subjective, and not everyone holds the same opinions. We serve more than 96 million Customers a year; and every now and then, we’ll have a situation that takes on a life of its own. Such is the case today.

We support our Employees in the way they handled Ms. Ebbert’s situation because they believed they were doing the right thing at the right time. They were taking action as discreetly and quietly as they could, while not causing a major impact to our operation. But, as we always have done, we want to apologize if we offended any of our Customers.

Yet Another “Wanna Get Away” For Me from Nuts About Southwest

Judy, I’m very happy it wasn’t you, and I feel bad for that really cranky woman that did have the wreck. Still, in hindsight–no, Officer, that won’t teach me. I’m not in the least sorry that I stopped–if it had been Judy, at least I could have been there for her. That’s what you do for family–if one of them needs help, you help ‘em. And, like all Southwest employees, my family has over 33,000 folks in it. I will definitely, positively always try to help a family member when needed. And worst-case scenario? I’ll have another funny “Wanna Get Away” moment to share!

Now, this is the kind of corporate culture that would keep me happy for years!




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