Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

9 12 2007

I read about this from Porny’s blog so I decided to check it out.


Since it was simply a preview, I was expecting a lot of quirks/annoyances with it… and I was not disappointed. I sent the following feedback to the Yahoo! Messenger team.

How likely are you to recommend Yahoo! Messenger for Vista to a friend?

9 (with 10 being most likely)


I would recommend it since it is just a preview but I am definitely expecting some changes in the future.
Speed of transition:
– I am not sure if it’s my specs but whenever I click on a group, it does not expand or collapse right away.
Escape button from conversation window
– Is there a quick way to close/minimize a conversation window? If I remember correctly, I did not have to change my preferences before and was able to use the ESC button to quickly close a window.

That’s my very quick review.. having used it for only a couple of hours. I’m sure I’ll find more things to rant about.




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