2913 items

21 03 2008

google_reader_2913… on my Google Reader and this is already after reading about 200 items from the people-i-know folder.

Yes, that’s how long I have been away from reading feeds/blogs and also from writing on my own blog. There are a lot of reasons behind this blogging break:

  1. Work: We have lots of deliverables and the team really needs to exert a lot of effort to ’em out of the door on time.
  2. Personal stuff: I choose not to talk about the details yet. 🙂
  3. Procrastination and plain laziness: Despite the heavy workload at work and the personal stuff I went through, I could still have made time to blog but just did not get to it.

Anyway, since we have a four-day weekend here in Manila (in observance of the Holy Week), I figured that it was the best time to get started again.

In that absence, I’ve had many realizations and observations so expect some new posts on this site. Not to mention the many pictures that I have not uploaded yet…




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