Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 (Beta)

22 03 2008

A couple of months ago, I blogged about Yahoo Messenger for Vista (Beta). Unfortunately, it had some quirks so I decided to wait for a more stable release and went back to Yahoo 8.0.

Unfortunately, my system got messed up today and I was not able to read any of my messages (I suspect it had to do with installing an IE8 Beta) so I was forced to do another YM beta install. This time, I opted for the YM 9.0 Beta version over the YM Vista.

Here are some screenshots:

YM9_1 YM9_2

It still had some minor quirks (like the F3 for showing recent recent messages not working) but overall it was cool. At least I was seeing my messages now.

Just before I published this, I tried F3 and it worked. There goes one bug we hate… those irreproducible kind. Sorry, QA talk 🙂




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