PDL Journey has began

10 04 2008

First of all, thanks to Lei for letting me have her PDL book. =)

Unfortunately, I missed one day so I will need to read two chapters in one day contrary to what is recommended by the author.

Day 1 simply reiterated that “It all starts with God.” Now, this idea has been with me for the longest time. It was the same teaching that we passed on in Singles For Christ and even way back when we were in Youth For Christ. First day always talked about God’s Love and his plan for us.

Given this, it would be natural to expect that it would be a breeze for me to accept the teaching. Unfortunately, I realized that this time around I had more questions. There were things that I accepted before, maybe even blindly, that were not so easy to accept. Although this worries me, I decided to continue on this journey and see where it leads me. I hope that He will help me find a way to overcome my doubts and lead me back to him.

God bless!

For those interested to try out this journey, please feel free to get in touch with me…




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