PDL Update

3 05 2008

As always, my busy schedule caused me to forget about blogging. Fortunately, it did not cause me to miss the PDL sessions.

I do not want to go into details but there were some realizations that I just want to share…

  • I was/am really down in my spiritual life. Ever since I went to the US last year, I’ve found it harder to let go and let God. There was something about living there that makes one feel that everything is within reach and one starts to make up the idea that we do not need Him
  • The craziness that happened to our community (CFC, FLL…) affected me a lot. So much so that I was still nurturing some ill feelings towards fellow members whom I felt left us.

At least now that I’ve brought this out in the open… I can start taking actions to fix ’em.

God bless!




3 responses

4 05 2008

In many, many cases, forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the forgiven. I’m glad you’re sorting these things through. If you need someone to talk to, I’m a quick email away, bro. 🙂

4 05 2008

Thanks, bro!

5 05 2008

I agree with the first point (as I’ve shared them in my blog also). For the second point, well, nobody really left our chapter. I guess it just sucks that it had to happen. Good luck bro. 🙂

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