The Early Bird Catches The Early Plane

6 10 2008

Last Friday, our female co-workers requested that we accompany them to the airport for their trip the following day. Although we are usually gentlemen *ahem* we were a little reluctant because their flight was at around seven in the morning. This meant that we had to be at the airport at around five… and it is almost close to impossible for my two housemates to wake up that early on a weekend. Still, our gentlemen instincts took over and we ended up saying “Yes”

At first, they wanted us to pick them up at five but, being the pessimistic guy, I told them that we need to be there a little earlier in case “something crazy” comes up. It took us awhile to get their stuff loaded into our cars. Boy, did they go on some shopping sprees… As we were leaving, I motioned for them to go ahead of us since they still have to return the rental car. 

I drove around the airport thrice before I asked Franz (who was in his sleeping clothes) to get out and start looking for them… and I still had to drive two more times before I finally saw them. Apparently, there were some issues with the paperwork of the car rental. I dropped off their luggage and asked my housemates to accompany the ladies to their respective airline counters (since they had different routes) and that I would go around one more time. 

Three more rounds and still no sign of my housemates. I knew something was up. Finally, I saw them… but still with one of our ladies. At first I thought that her flight was canceled but apparently, she had some issues with her luggage (thanks to those shopping sprees I bet). The airline was asking her to pay a whooping $600 for excess weight. Whoa! I pulled up the car but since this was a no stop zone, we just starting grabbing things out of her luggage and throwing them into the trunk. 

This time, I told them that I’d give them a good fifteen minutes before I circle back. I found myself a gas station and grabbed a bottle of Starbucks Mocha because I was just so sleepy. I picked them up, who had a couple more items in their hands (from the luggage), and we finally left the airport at almost seven. 

All I can say is, good thing we decided to shave off those couple of minutes… Whew!

Note: Apologies for the corny title. =P




2 responses

8 10 2008

yeah…yeah… bida ka na naman! hahahaha!

8 10 2008

wahaha! of course… 😉

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