The Challenge…

3 04 2009


This is just one of the many challenges that I have decided to take to make our December 2009 wedding a success.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying that one needs to be thin to be beautiful. I’ve always believed, despite the many detractors, that I am beautiful ;-). However, after seeing some pictures in our first prenuptial shoot, I had the urge to do something.

Realizing how huge your man-boobs can really change once perspective. man-boobs

Aside from that, is the realization that I am not getting any younger and my body simply cannot carry my weight. I have a hard time playing full-time basketball, that is playing with intensity in both offense and defense, and always have an aching back after a night of badminton.

The goal is to lose at least 30 lbs by November. Do y’all think that’s doable?




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4 04 2009

yeah it is, how do you plan to do it? 😀

6 04 2009

Better diet, a litte more exercise… and a whole lot of self-discipline.

The exercise is all planned out… I’m gonna play play badminton twice a week, then I’ll do some jogging during the weekends and will do a bit of swimming too (just need to iron out my schedule for it)

The diet part… now that’s the challenging part.

18 04 2009

Firtst of all, it’s good to know that you’re planning to tie the knot soon and I would like to congratulate you in advance for that. 🙂

Regarding weight loss, it’s very doable. Most expert says that a healthy weight loss which doesn’t put that much stress or danger in your body is around 2 lbs. per week. So you got a lot of time if you are just planning to lose 30 lbs by December.

I am also into the trimming season fo the summer outings and currently down to 155 lbs. from 167 lbs. around 3 weeks ago. You’ll start enjoying things once you start losing those bulging tummies and beer bellies, and in your case those man-boobs. Good luck, bro! 😉

20 04 2009

Thanks, pre. We still have a lot of planning to do… but we are getting there

Yup, I’ve also started to shed off some pounds and I’m hoping that this trend will continue 😉

23 04 2009

To add a learning, one important thing that a lot of people miss out when losing weight is making sure their metabolism is still burning off fat even when they’re not working out.

Say you run 60 minutes a day, then increase it as time goes but since you also increase endurance and stamina. When your body gets used to that, shedding off pounds will slow down as your body will find a way to efficiently distribute the burn even if you increase your run from 60 minutes to 180 minutes, also with pace. With that type of exercise, you burn while you work out, but after that, your metabolism won’t improve that much and will not efficiently burn during the remaining hours of your day.

The thing about your case is, you want your metabolism to go up a notch faster, so you’ll shed off more pounds and improve overall fitness 🙂 you don’t have to slice off a massive chunk on your daily menu since you can burn them anyway 🙂

Read articles and programs about High Intensity Training and Interval Training, that will help boost up the metab and shed off pounds. Will also help make sure that the trend will continue. 🙂

26 04 2009

Hey RD,

I’ll definitely read up on those programs you mentioned. Thanks so much!

27 04 2009

Hi Kuya Ryan,

Wow Congrats on your engagement!
I strongly believe you can don it.
Ikaw pa, when you set your eyes/mind on something nakukuha mo.
i.e. si ate alaine hehehe.
Goodluck and godbless.
Keep us posted.


7 05 2009

Thanks, Kikx!

7 12 2010
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