Fitness Buddies

6 04 2009

Finally, Alaine and I found some buddies to exercise with, Cal and Francis. We have been talking about doing this for the longest time but never pushed through with anything. It was always easier to schedule an all-nighter with pizza and booze, or a trip to Tagaytay than take time out to exercise, but somehow we found ourselves really going for it. I guess it was partly because they know about our December plans and really want to help me out. Thanks, guys.

too-busy-to-exerciseSo, last week we finally got our lazy butts off to play some badminton (though Alaine couldn’t join us because she was not feeling well). Sheridan badminton courts (somewhere in Shaw) is such a crummy place to play at but we were so determined that we did not care about the slippery floor (the court we got was made of wood) and the bad ventilation. Then again, the bad ventilation did help us burn sweat more than we would have so it all worked out for the best 😉

Then, just yesterday, we went jogging at 630 in the morning. Getting all of us up out of bed that early on a weekend is already something, but to actually go close to 30 minutes jogging was even more amazing. We had originally planned on doing a full hour of jogging but realized that we were a bit too ambitious and decided to settle for half of that… for now.

Anyway, we already have a few more plans to get us in better shape and I just hope those push through. 🙂




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18 04 2009

If you can, try boxing. They say it can burn up to 800 calories/hour. I just bought a home boxing gym and it’s pretty effective in my trimming or slimming down regimen. 🙂

20 04 2009

What’s a home boxing gym? My brother and I did enroll into a boxing gym but, unfortunately, it was conflicted too much with our schedule.

21 04 2009

It’s something like this . Aside from being effective for your cardio workout, it also releases stress, and at times helps on anger management when your pissed off on someone or something. 😀

26 04 2009

Cool stuff! Unfortunately, hindi yan pwede sa amin especially with the limited space sa condo… kaya nami-miss ko yung house namin sa Cainta minsan eh =P

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