23 03 2010

I  am amazed at how true the statement “Everyone is unique” is…

A couple of months ago, our executive management team decided to give out bonuses to selected individuals based on a given criteria. A fixed amount was given to each career level, which means that one’s performance rating had no significance on the value. You can clearly see from people’s reactions how unique each one was… Other were clearly happy while others dismissed it as a totally ignorable amount.

Unique-largeAnother instance also happened in the workplace. A couple of years ago, we were given jackets bearing the company name and logo. Most, if not all, who received one (including myself) had all the complaints in the world. The color was too bland, the material used was not smooth enough, blah, blah… Last week, these same jackets were given out as prized in some company initiatives. While most of the oldies simply snubbed the jackets, the newbies were all excited about it.

Although both of my examples here happened at work, there have been many instances in my personal life where I have seen how truly unique people are.

And because of this, I, as a leader, always try to handle them differently… I have closely guided some, given others space to develop and have even pushed others to their potential.

How about you? What unique qualities have you seen in the people around you?




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