Take Two

7 12 2010

Today, I took the inital test for the hundredpushups.com challenge and made 19 good-form (as good as it gets for me) push-ups.

This is actually the second time that I tried to take on this challenge, but that first try was a total failure. Although that was a preparation for an important event, there really was nothing “forcing” me to complete the challenge apart from my (well, Alaine’s) desire to make me look thinner on our wedding day.

This time around, there is a bigger reason behind this challenge. I am starting to feel the burden of my overweight frame on an aging body and I do not like the feeling at all. Not only that, there were some findings in my latest medical which kinda worried me.

I really am hoping that I will be able to stay with the program and become healthier… and hey, maybe shed a few pounds along the way.




6 responses

7 12 2010

haha! well, you should try TRX training. Planning to buy one and then pwede natin gawin sa bahay

7 12 2010

Sounds good but, for now, I’ll stick with this. At least this one’s free =D

22 12 2010

What ever happened to the General Motors Diet you were on. (GM ba yon?)

22 12 2010

It worked (I lost about 7lbs) but, as expected, the result was temporary. I went back to eating the same type of food after… so gained all of it back.

23 12 2010
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11 01 2011
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