Another fail?!?

11 01 2011

I was half-way through the challenge but could not go any further.

No, I was not lazy nor was I too busy to exercise and was actually ready to start the progress test. Unfortunately, I got a sore back from a basketball scrimmage and just could not do any more push-ups.

Anyway, I am not really calling this a total failure as I was able to achieve my main objective, i.e. have a form of regular exercise. I will continue to play ball every week (scrimmages with colleagues and our weekly tournament games in the ABL) and will also continue to do regular push ups. This time, I will do daily push-ups of at least 80 (not continuous though)… soon, I hope the momentum will continue and I will start doing cardio exercises.




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4 04 2011

You can do it! – Rob Schneider

4 04 2011
Coach Rye

Thanks, pre. Btw, you can check out my new blog: 🙂

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