Open Mind

2 02 2011

Two days ago, I received an email invitation from Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet to attend the “First Membership Site Live Seminar!”

This was a free introduction to the Membership Site Program by Jojy Azurin, an 8-week course that costs $995. At first I was a bit hesitant because of the prize (even if they promised a 50% discount to the first batch) but my brother convinced me to try it out anyway. The worst thing that could happen was to bore myself to death for three hours. Besides, it could be an opportunity to meet new people and possibly build networks.

Another thing that convinced me to go was this short clip of Jojy talking about his membership site, The business idea was so simple yet something effective. Finally, I suddenly had flashbacks of my brother actually writing for a couple of years back. So, unintentionally, that gave it some sort of emotional ties to me.

So off I went with an open-mind and ready to listen to new ideas… and I thought I was going to regret it. The individual introductions was just a sleeper. I mean it was nice to listen to each participant introduce themselves and learn about their backgrounds, plans, aspirations and all that, but having each participant introduce ourselves was just a little too dragging. Then again, this was understandable since they had only expected 10-15 participants but more than 25 came.

Luckily, it was all uphill from then on. Jojy was absolutely right in saying that we should take down notes because we would probably go through information overload. The presentation materials were wonderful, showing us lots of real-life samples which really allowed us to identify with the ideas. Of course, it was not all show as he provided us with some valuable insights as well.

Here are some that interested me:

  • The Best Product to Sell is Information
  • Don’t just think Pinoy. Think Global!
  • There are so many types of Information that can be sold
    • I have the list but I decided not to post them here.
    • Feel free to attend his seminar if you want to learn about them 😉
  • Validate Your Idea (it’s easy using the marketing tools available on the Internet)
  • Write a Business Plan
    • This is an old idea but how he said it somehow struck me
  • You need to wear the marketing hat
  • There are a couple more practical tips that he mentions about creating membership sites.
    • Although come to think of it, those tips are also applicable to others websites, be it a “usual” site or an e-commerce site.

At the end of the session, I was pretty much convinced about joining the program (besides, they had a nice refund policy 😉 ). Unfortunately, all 15 slots (yes, only 15) were taken.

This does not mean that I will stop and simply wait till the next batch. I will try my best to work with what I have learned from the introduction and just fill-in the  blanks along the way.




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